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When I woke up on 11/19 morning I knew that I had a good assignment from the newspaper I work for. At the previous night, Marlene Bergamo, also a photographer invited me to this assignment that consists on photographing a protest lead by the MTST (Workers Without Home Social Movement). The protests would happen simultaneously in diferent parts of São Paulo and I would photograph the one going on at Taboão da Serra, a poor region of town.

Their major complain was about the 160 billion reais (almost 70 billion dollars) that the federal government gave to the banks in order to face the financial crisis. As poor workers they were feeling the crisis reflexion on the raising of food prices and no aid was study to help them.

One of Brazil’s most famous businessman and owner of a huge supermarket chain, Abilio Diniz, said that – after the government assistance to the banks – he was proud of beign brazilian!

Jota Batista, MTST state co-ordinator and other 200 people that morning got tired of all of this and decided to send their message, their version of patriotism, very diferent from the one defended by Mr. Diniz.

MTST eng from Garapa on Vimeo.

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  1. Leo e todo o grupo Garapa

    Adorei o video. Cumpre a função de transmitir o ponto de vista de quem não é ouvido pela imprensa.
    Como comentário em relação as imagens, gostaria de ter visto planos mais abertos para poder entender melhor a dimensão do ato. Todas as fotos tem plano muito fechado. Achei também um pouco excessivo os planos de baixo para cima. Prefiro planos que coloquem espectador e retratado na mesma dimensão, igual para igual.

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